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Why Go

California is divided into 12 different regions - each having its own distinct character and attractions. Visitors are amazed by the incredible variety and diversity that exists within the state. The San Francisco Bay area boasts a myriad of cultures, fantastic dining and world-famous wineries. San Diego County displays a scenic coast, a variety of back country and a downtown crackling with live entertainment. Orange County boasts warm beaches and lots of family entertainment, while Los Angeles

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Best Time To Go

California is a year-round travel destination, with weather that will please everyone from snowbirds to sun worshippers. The best time to visit really comes down to what you want to do and what you want to see.

Most people visit California between mid-June and August. It's summertime! Summer in California is undeniably delicious, but there are some things to consider: The state's top attractions and parks can be very crowded with visitors paying top dollar for lodging and waiting

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Time Needed

If this is a vacation to enjoy the weather and ocean views, but primarily to visit the many fun attractions, then you need to make a list of the activities, add up the time needed for each one and create a schedule. Do you also want a day or two out on the sand? Disneyland? Knott’s Berry Farm? These are all day trips. Depending on your agenda, you’ll want to give yourself about a week or even two to get the full California experience.

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